YouTube Gentleman Video: WATCH 45 Million Views Here


After going nuts with over a billion hits on YouTube, with 'Gangnam Style,' Korean pop sensation PSY is trying to break the "one hit wonder" curse with 'Gentleman.' 

But the video (below) looks like the continuation of 'Gangnam,' with PSY wearing his Michael Jackson-inspired outfits and doing the already familiar dance steps.

Even "Gentleman's' signature step resembles 'Gangnam's' "horse-riding" — just a little slower and easier (as you don't have to coordinate your legs with your arms). 

But, will there be many people parodying this one on YouTube? The music is catchy, and PSY's comedic skills make the video entertaining. But a billion YouTube plays is an awful lot. Perhaps, 'Gangnam' is a very tough act to follow. 

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