Amanda Bynes Twitter: Perez Hilton, Eating Disorder, Drake Comments Disturbing


I can still remember the night Amanda Bynes made her debut appearance on All That, the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show that essentially launched her acting career. At the time, I was 8 years old, and though wildly entertained by the cast of All That, I felt the program needed some non-teenagers to diversify the age group. I was a little kid, and I wanted someone to relate to on screen.

At the beginning of her first appearance on the show, 10-year-old Amanda brought a basket of stuffed animals to the set. Everyone else rolled their eyes, claiming the new girl seemed too cute and cheerful to fit in. Then little Amanda goes on to play a prank on the producer, a move that earns her the respect of her new colleagues. From there on out, she was a star, and three years later, she landed a show of her own, and a hysterical one at that. It wasn't long ago that people were saying she was among the few success adult success stories of All That, but that unfortunately no longer seems applicable.

Ever since Bynes announced her retirement from acting in 2010, things have seemed a little unusual. Her initial Twitter handle, @chicky raised some eyebrows three years ago:


The tweets became grounds for public amusement, but while her "barf bag city"-esque remarks were funny, her DUI and ample car drama were anything but. Last year, the celebrity was reportedly dropped by her agent, lawyer, and publicist, as she was allegedly "very difficult" and unresponsive. She gave the press even more to talk about when she tweeted in June, "Hey Barack Obama ... I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end."

The oddities don't end there. She reportedly acted strangely at an Equinox class last year, when she supposedly took her top off in front of everyone and wandered around while the workout was still in session. She was reportedly banned from the gym after that.

Though all of this should have been a stay in her home town and lay low, she quickly moved to Manhattan, where she may or may not still have an apartment, to start a fashion line. The celebrity was caught smoking something questionable in the city, and now she's threatening to sue any publication that posts pictures of her that she hasn't posted on her Twitter page. No offense, Amanda, but there are a lot of very attractive photos of you on the internet, and your Twitter selfies don't apply. But so it goes.

Tired of the noise, and of news outlets questioning her judgment in tweeting she wants Drake to "murder [her] vagina," she's waging a war on the media, particularly gossip king Perez Hilton. After vowing to post pictures of every reporter who writes about her, Bynes tweeted a series of hostile messages at Hilton, even stooping so low as to smear his decision to adopt a baby and say he gives gays a bad name:

She went on to tweet a side by side of her and Hilton, stating, "Use this photo to describe how much hotter I am than you!"

I hate to say it, but cheek piercings don't exactly scream "hot" either. Bizarre Amanda Bynes stories are a dime a dozen now, and initially I was part of the "Is she pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and playing a 3-year practical joke on us?" camp, but the fights, the gym class outbursts, the empty lawsuit threats, the admission of having an eating disorder and wanting to get down to 100 pounds, the statement about no longer speaking to her parents, and the peculiar fashion statements tell me the comedic Amanda Bynes I knew and loved many years ago would have known to wrap up the prank by now if she were really messing with us. She's not kidding around, and that's why it's not right to laugh about anything unusual she does from now on.

There's nothing amusing about her increasingly aggressive tweets and behavior around town, and it's time to stop drawing so much attention to her. After today, I'm done getting weirded out by anything she says or does. The Amanda Show is over.