SNL Recap: 'Accidental Racist' Parody: Funny or Not?


After what must have been a terrible week for Brad Paisley, Saturday Night Live added insult to injury with this timely parody. Vince Vaughn hosted Saturday night's show for the first time since 1998 with musical guest Miguel. The show felt a little bit lackluster last night, but a certain highlight was this skit from Weekend Update featuring Keenan Thompson as LL Cool J and Jason Sudeikis as Brad Paisley. 

The entire week seemed to be devoted to 'Accidental Racist' jokes on Twitter and all over the internet. The two have defended the song in various interviews, but that hasn't stopped the onslaught of criticism surrounding the song. 

I for one look forward to any and all jokes about this wretched song. If you can think of any good ones Tweet them to me with the hashtag #accidentalracist over @missafayres