Selena Gomez MTV Movie Awards Performance: Come and Get It


Selena Gomez will be taking the stage to perform at tonight's MTV Movie Awards. According to Billboard the Spring Breakers star will perform her brand new single "Come & Get It." It will be her first live performance of the new tune. 

The singer is also expected to announce new tour dates. The song already has over 5 million views on YouTube and will certainly rack in a few more after tonight. 

Gomez told MTV of the performance, "I wanted to make the performance something that'd be a game-changer for me, personally, because I wanted to out-do everything else I've done as an artist. I love dancing. I love the feel of the song and the tribal feel, so I wanted to incorporate that, so I just wanted a fresh take on what, you know, the new chapter is for me. So I'm excited."