Watch the MTV Movie Awards Online: LIVE Updates


The MTV Movie Awards are finally here! Will you be watching? If you don't have a TV set or cable, worry not. The network itself is livestreaming the show

2013 Movie Awards - New Movies - MTV Movie Awards Live

So who do you think will win tonight? Everyone is all stoked on Emma Watson being non-Hermoine and what not, but she's only done one memorable movie aside from Harry Potter and I'm already sick of her. Her American accent was terrible in Perks Of Being a Wallflower, so I don't really see why she has such a large presence at tonight's show. So it goes, though!

Who else do you want to see collect mad awards tonight? I'm really hoping Rebel Wilson makes out like a bandit. She may have been my favorite part of Pitch Perfect, which is amazing all around. Do you think Silver Linings Playbook is going to land a bunch of accolades tonight? I mean, it did so well at the Academy Awards that I almost want to say it would be unfair to keep throwing trophies its way ... That said, J-Law and Bradley Cooper were amazing in their roles, so if they get anything, the award will be well-deserved.