MTV Movie Awards Performances 2013


In case you were unaware, Macklemore's clever "Thrift Shop" is basically the best new song, so you should be very excited that the rapper will be performing at the MTV Movie Awards tonight! 

He joins the impossibly adorable Selena Gomez and Ryan Lewis as performers. As for my favorite, well, it's a tie between the Disney cutie pie and Macklemore, because how can I choose just one? Macklemore has been in the news lately for his promotion of same-sex marriage, and hopefully he will bring the same kind of positive energy to his act.

Do you think Selena Gomez will spend any time talking about Spring Breakers? I kind of hope not ... she was too good for that flick! Let's just move on, have a clean slate, and enjoy the evening. And by clean slate, I mean we can have no mention of her former flame Justin Bieber, who hasn't exactly been getting goo press lately, especially today. I will always adore the Biebs, but hopefully he can massage his reputation before the end of the year. 

You know what would be extra awesome? If Selena Gomez and Macklemore did a song together! MTV, it's not too late to schedule another quick segment!