Nicolas Maduro Twitter Hacked By 'Lulz Security Peru'


The Twitter account of Venezuela's Interim President Nicolas Maduro has been hacked, according Venezolana de Television. Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader who ascended the ranks of the Bolivarian Revolution to become Chavez's vice president (and successor), has made a series of late minute gaffes on the campaign trail by declaring the late Chavez "appeared" to him "as a bird," among other antics, is the favorite to win Sunday's elections in Venezuela, thanks to the Revolución's huge infrastructure — and what the opposition denounces as the regime's abuses of power. However, Capriles, a popular opposition governor, who on October 2012 lost to Chavez by ten percentage points has been able to orchestrate a late-minute surge by capitalizing on the OPEC country's inflation and crime rate — the continent's highest.