MTV Movie Awards Best Shirtless Performance: Who Will Win?


Listen. There are a lot of great contenders up for Best Shirtless Performance, but I think we can all agree the award is nothing if it doesn't go to Channing Tatum for his leading role in Magic Mike, last summer's hit about male strippers and warm weather.

I don't know about you, but I didn't particularly love the movie, even though it featured plenty of attractive and fit men sans shirts. The main character wasn't super likable, and I felt the same about Matthew McConaughey's character, but Tatum was downright awesome and talented. Here are the people he's up against for the award:

Christian Bale — "The Dark Knight Rises"

Sorry, Lautner, but your hot shirtless moments are like, so 2009. It feels like forever ago that the Twilight saga was still a thing. I will always love it, but come on, guys. Move one! Ted was just annoying, so no, and The Dark Knight Rises was nothing shot of stressful. I'm also over James Bond. Tatum is fresh and new. Let's all agree he's the guy for the award. The dad-to-be better collect tonight or I'm going to be really disappointed!