MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Winner: Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper


The two won a joint award for their highly-anticipated smooch in Silver Linings Playbook.

"Jen's not here," said a shaggy looking Bradley Cooper, who accepted the award solo. He didn't seem super stoked to receive it, but probably because he's like, so over Silver Linings Playbook by now! As much as I love it, I am kind of burned out on it as well.

The kiss they share is really cute, though, as it comes at the very end of the film after both characters have been through the ringer, particularly Cooper's character. Lawrence's character is more together, but still wounded from the sudden death of her husband. That's why the two become close and develop as trong connection with each other. Their dynamic is impossible not to love, and I think the same can be said about the movie.

Where do you think Lawrence was tonight, and why didn't Cooper at least tell us where she was?! Is she now too cool for us? I sure hope not, I'm not ready to stop being in love with the incredible Jennifer Lawrence, every girl's imaginary best friend.

Were you glad they got the award? I kind of think this category is lame, but I was really happy to see Lawrence get recognition for being awesome once again.