Will Ferrell Gets Comedic Genius Award At MTV Movie Awards


The Campaign star has had a long and fulfilling career, so the award was well deserved. But what the hell was up with that speech?

Peter Dinklage introduced Ferrell before playing a clip of some of the comedian's greatest hits. Ferrell, wh showed up on stage in an unusual suit this evening, will reprise his role as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman: The Legend Continues, a sequel to the popular 2004 flick Anchorman.

"I'm just a simple guy from Irvine, California," Ferrell said. "First, to one day hopefully make people laugh. The other dream, to be able to wake up everyday and dress myself like Dennis Rodman."

There was a little drama with Aubrey Plaza running up on stage and grabbing his award. It wasn't so much as funny as weird. Sorry lady, but Kanye was the best award acceptance ruiner of all time. 

I don't know what that's all about, but I do know Ferrell's speech felt a little long. And why did he bring that random family onstage? Sorry, but that isn't cool or funny. It just kept going on and on, becoming more uncomfortable by the second. Who here laughed?Ferrell is incredible and has been for many years, but this was just so unusual and creepy and horrifying. What is happening to our awards show ceremonies?