Seth Rogen Bottomless At MTV Movie Awards


Because who needs a shirtless Taylor Lautner when you can have a bottomless Seth Rogen?

Presenting the Best Shirtless Performance Award at the MTV Movie Awards, Seth Rogen pulled off his own pants to reveal a giant patch of hair, joking that he hadn't shaved in a few days. He turned to his fellow presenter Danny McBride, who peeled off his own pants and had on a chastity belt. The guy stuck a key into his own belt, and it was so unbelievably unfunny and weird. I know MTV is supposed to be raunchy and what not, but there's a difference between sexy and just creepy.

The worst part? Zac Efron, who sported a bowl cut on stage, didn't take off any clothes! Jokes aside, the whole thing was weird, especially when Taylor Lautner accepted the award with a fake paunch belly. He never took off his shirt, either. I guess he's over being objectified and only admired and respected for his body, but couldn't he have at least pretended it was still 2008 and he's the hottest new thing on the block? That reminds me: the ceremony itself seems stuck in the past. These movies are old news, and Twilight hasn't been a thing for a while. Make this end!