MTV Movie Awards Best Villain Winner: Tom Hiddleston


What an awesome thing to be recognized for!

Tom Hiddleston just won Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards! Chloe Moretz and Quvenzhane Wallis gave him the award, and he delivered a charming and appreciative speech, perhaps the most appreciative speech of the night! The awards ceremony needs more of those. Here are the folks he was up against:

Javier Bardem — "Skyfall"

Do you think the others were bummed they didn't win, or is it not actually that cool to be praised for an evil performance? We know one thing for sure: he's a solid actor. Hopefully he gets more awards soon! Will he be stuck in the evil role forever? I sure hope not, he seems like a cool guy! I want to know his full story! 

What did you think of the rest of the ceremony? Did all the people you like win awards? Anyone you dislike get awards? Are you a fan of the humor and jokes or is the level of maturity too low for you? Hiddleston brought some much-needed class to the ceremony tonight, and it's a shame there wasn't more of it.