MTV Movie Awards Best Musical Moment Winner: 'Pitch Perfect' Cast


All right!

The ladies of Pitch Perfect just won Best Musical Moment at the MTV Movie Awards! Brittany Snow and Anna Camp did a really nice job delivering the acceptance speech, but what a shame that Anna Kendrick wasn't in attendance! At least everybody else was. This night seems to be all about Pitch Perfect, eh? Rightfully so. I bet Rebel Wilson is happy tonight!

Here are the people they beat out for the award:

Anne Hathaway — "Les Misérables"

What do you think: Did they deserve it for the fun, smart comedy? Better yet, do you think there will be a sequel? On one hand, I'd like to see one, but on the other, I know it would only ruin the greatness of the original. AMIRITE?

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the awards show to end already. Everyone looks nice and all but everyone deserves some good beauty sleep before a long week! Now hurry up, MTV. Your 11-year-old viewers need to rest up before first period math tomorrow.