Aubrey Plaza Will Ferrel: Plaza Pulls a Kanye at MTV Movie Awards


So if you happened to be watching the MTV Movie Awards last night you'll remember that supremely bizarre moment when Aubrey Plaza came on stage during Will Ferrel's acceptance speech and tried to take his award. 

Plaza, who was seated in the front row, ran on stage during Ferrel's speech in a stunt that we viewers at home were just baffled by. "What's happening?" Ferrel asked as Plaza tried to steal the trophy. "Are you OK?" 

After her unsucessful tug-of-war Plaza returned to her seat and Ferrel said, "Aubrey Plaza, everyone. Just like we rehearsed it. Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. Right on the money." 

Apparently the stunt was not a rehearsed moment and Plaza was booted out of the theater by MTV. The network was quick to call the stunt "a Kanye." 

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