10 Companies Giving Away Awesome Freebies on Tax Day


Do you like free stuff?

I said, "Do you like free stuff?" 

You do? Okay great.

Well, as you know today is Tax Day and with that comes a certain amount of dread, disdain, or possibly a feeling of utter hopelessness. Businesses know how the Americans feel about Tax Day, so they’ve tried to ease our pain by giving us what we really want. Free stuff. Here are some companies giving away or discounting their merchandise in honor (or in spite of) Tax Day.  

1. Great American Cookies:

Oh sweet delicious chewy joy this place is giving out cookies. Not just any cookie either, they will be giving out their new Birthday Cake Cookie. I'll take 300 of them, thank you. 

2. Cinnabon:

As we all know, calories don’t count on Tax Day, so partake in this cinnamon iced delight. They are giving away two free Cinnabon Bites (at participating stores). 

3. Arby’s:

Free curly fries? Well, if you insist ...

4. Bruegger’s Bagels:

Now that’s what I call taking advantage of a deduction. You can get a Big Bagel Bundle for $10.40 in honor of the 1040 IRS form. How cute.  

5. Boston Market:

Today Boston Market locations are offering savings as part of their “We love the IRS” deal. IRS in this instance stands for Incredible Rib Meals. What will this meal set you back, a mere $10.40.  

6. Office Depot:

Do you have five pounds of documents that require shedding, no questions asked? Well you are in luck because that service will be provided to you free today at Office Depot. You can shred documents or print up to 25 pages for free. And people say Tax Day isn’t exciting. 

7. HydroMassage:

After toiling over taxes for weeks, you’re bound to need a massage right? Get a quick 10-15 minute pick-me-up at participating locations. 

8. Chilis:

If you go to their Facbeook page, you can grab the coupon that allows you to get one free appetizer or desert with your meal. Nom nom nom. 

9. Sonic:

Half-priced drinks or slushies all day? Now that's a what I call, a slush fund? Yah, I went there.

10. Trojan Pleasure Cart:

A free vibrator? For me! You shouldn’t have. This is a pretty good deal as the vibrators are valued at $39.99 and $29.99. These naughty-bit-pleasure-friends are free but only while supplies last. If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to check in with your local business establishments. No one likes Tax Day, but isn't it better knowing that we can all suffer through this together. Also, if you know of any other companies participating in Tax Day giveaways, please send them to me on Twitter @missafayres