Gun Control Debate: Will You Preserve Your Right to Bear Arms?


There's no doubt that the federal government has been growing in power and infringing on the rights of the American people. With passage of unconstitutional legislation, ranging from wireless surveillance provisions in the The Patriot Act, to indefinite detentions on the order of the president in the National Defense Authorization Act, many have realized that government is becoming too big and too powerful. Now it seems that Congress may be going after another one of your rights; your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, President Obama has continued to urge the House of Representatives to pass "common sense" gun legislation. Senate Democrats have rallied behind the president to ensure gun legislation passes. Although the Democrats control the Senate and White House, Republicans have recently gained control of the House of Representatives, in the 2010 midterm election. 2010 was the year where many TEA Party conservatives were elected, beating out their Republican colleagues in the primary elections. Among those elected, was someone that is now making headlines and political waves?

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a constitutional conservative, son of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, and the lead Senator in the filibuster of CIA Nominee, John Brennan, has shown to be a powerful leader in the GOP. Senator Paul has come out in full support of the Second Amendment and threatened to filibuster the gun legislation. Paul's filibuster would have been backed by 12 Republican Senators, but the Senate voted 68-31 to start the debate, leaving the potential filibuster behind. Among those 68 Senators, 16 were Republican. This was a sure defeat for those who wanted to stop the gun control bill, but it opens up a bigger question for those 16 Republicans who voted to move to debate. Usually, the Republicans are the party that claims to preserve the Constitution, so why would they vote in favor to debate, when they claim the Bill of Rights is not debatable?

The 16 Republican Senators included Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the 2008 Republican nominee against Barack Obama. Senator Graham is not just taking heat from this issue. He has had issues with some of those back in him home state, claiming that he is not conservative enough. There even is a current movement in South Carolina that wants to primary Lindsey Graham. The primary Lindsey Graham movement is only one of the few actions that some conservatives are taking to try and restore civil liberties. 

It does not look well for establishment politicians who are not following the Constitution, which is the very document they swore to uphold and protect. One can now see a change happening within the Republican Party. With GOP leaders such as Rand Paul, who are leading the fight to protect and restore personal liberty, it is becoming harder for establishment politicians to keep their office. There is a clear message behind the actions of the people. Americans want representatives that respect them and their rights.

The gun debate is not over, nor is it new, in the United States. We should think about the principles that our country was founded on before we give up our liberty. The American people still have the responsibility of making sure that their representatives stay within their limits. Although the job is now easier knowing that Senators such as Rand Paul are fighting to preserve your rights, while making issues public on mainstream media, it is up to us to stay informed on topic, and stay passionate on issues we care about.