Best "Shit People Say" Videos

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Ever since the original 'Shit Girls Say' video went viral, there have been countless imitations. Brian Vandeputte explains why these videos are appealing to millennials. Many of the spin-off videos have failed, but others are definitely worth watching. Below are a few of our favorites. Add yours below and any that gets more than 3 Mics will be added to the top of this on-going list.

"With the world seemingly going to hell, we’ve injected humor into taboo subjects— breaking tension and bringing comedy in at a time when there is little to smile about. By revealing people’s tiny eccentricities, we shift our focus away from the negativity, and maybe, in some idealistic way, this makes the world a slightly more delightful place.

‘Shit My Dad Says’ was born from Tweets quoting Justin Halpern‘s 73-year-old father. TheHarvard Sailing Team was made famous by trading gender roles for laughs. Most recently, 'Shit Girls Say' has spawned an entire sub-genre of similarly titled satirical You Tube videos."

"Shit New Yorkers Say"

"Shit Nobody Says"

"Shit Asian Dads Say"

"Shit People Say in D.C."

"Shit Girls Say Episode 2"

"The Original Shit Girls Say"

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