Boston Marathon Bomb: 3 Reported Dead


Two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line, leaving dozens seriously injured, according to the Boston Globeand three have been reported dead, according to Fox and

Though multiple news sources have reported three dead, the New York Post reports a federal law-enforcement source said at least 12 are dead. 

According to Sky News, someone could be heard saying, "My God they're dead" in footage. Inquisitr reports:

"The Boston Marathon explosions reportedly did not take place simultaneously. One witness associated with the race stated that dozens of people have been seriously injured. During the live news footage, a man can be heard saying, 'All my God … they are dead' when looking about victims beneath a barrier."

Blogger Emily Zanotti tweeted of the explosions and reported death count, "Three dead so far, likely more. Hit at a time when Boston reports largest number of runners crossing finish line."

UPDATE: Boston police officials told CNN two died in the explosion. Keep checking the blog for further updates.