Boston Marathon Bombing Bears Hallmark of Terrorist Attack, Al Qaeda Could Be to Blame


The sequential explosions at the Boston Marathon that have so far claimed 2 dead and 23 injured have not yet been confirmed by officials as being terrorist attacks or even intentional. But based on the timing and location of the attacks combined with the fact that the marathon is the biggest in the world and is internationally recognized that this was a terrorist attack, suggest that this was terrorism.

Terrorism does not however mean that Al-Qaeda or any other international group is to blame and that judgment should not be leveled until more information is available.  However, sequential attacks are the hallmark of well-organized terrorists.

The biggest fear is a timed attack in which a bombing takes place, and then another bomb is timed to go off after emergency personnel and other responders have arrived on the scene. Terrorist groups are known for such attacks, and this is one of the Boston Police and FBI’s biggest concerns as of now.


Two more devices have been found and are being dismantled.  One of the bombs was underneath the grandstand near the finish line.


Some are suggesting that an IED (improvised explosive device) was used for the bombing.  News officials from WBZ news in Boston are stating that they appear to be homemade devices.