Boston Marathon Explosion: 2 Bombs Go Off, Kill 2 People


Around 3 p.m. today, two bombs exploded seconds apart near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, turning one of the most celebrated events in Boston into a bloody chaos with runners and their families frantically looking for their loved ones. Up to now, it is confirmed that 22 people are injured and two people killed by this explosion, according to the Boston Policy Department.

About 27,000 runners from 96 countries competed in this historic marathon, and tens of thousands of spectators along with runners’ families came out to support and cheer them on. The bombing strikes an even more poignant note as a special marker at the 26th mile of the marathon course was set up to honor the 26 dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

The marathon started around 10 a.m., and around the time when the bombs went off most winners have already finished the race. There were still masses of runners who were reaching the finish line when the bombs exploded at 3 p.m. The police and emergency crew responded quickly, wheeling injured people out of the site. Witnesses reported victims with missing limbs and children with severe burns. Around 4 p.m., it was reported that President Obama was notified of the incident, and was “in contact with state and local authorities. He directed his administration to provide whatever assistance is necessary in the investigation and response.”

More suspicious devices were found after the first two bombs, and the police in the process of identifying and eliminating them. As people evacuated the site immediately after the explosion, many bags were left behind. Each and every package near the original explosion site will need to be checked by the police, which would take a while.

No individual or group has come out yet to claim the responsibility of this attack. The nature of this kind of attack is that it is very difficult to attribute the cause of the attack. Many times, we are left to wait for somebody to come forward and claim the responsibility. With many speculations floating around the media, pointing fingers at possible international and domestic actors with a political agenda, the public is advised to keep calm and show support for the victims.