Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Captured, But No Details Yet


UPDATE: Fran Townsend of CNN is reporting that the arrest was made from two videos taken at the scene of the bombing. CNN's John King also reports that an arrest has been made.

This is an enormous development in the case but is likely to raise more questions then it answers.

Other sites are reporting differing information: 

@CBSNews has learned that NO ARREST has been made in Boston Marathon bombing case

UPDATENo suspect has been arrested in relation to the Boston Marathon bombings today. The New York Post appears to have been relying upon inaccurate information.

A suspect has been arrested after being spotted on surveillance footage laying what appeared to be the explosive devices which killed several and injured many more at the Boston Marathon today. The suspect reportedly was injured in the blast.

The New York Post reports that the man is a Saudi national. This information is currently unconfirmed by other news sources and may be treated as speculative until corroborating information emerges. The Post is also reporting up to 12 killed and 50 injured in the attack, a figure far higher than any other source is reporting.

Cell phone service has been cut in downtown Boston to prevent any remaining explosive devices from being detonated, according to WBUR News.