Boston Marathon Bombing Video: Boston Globe Records Video Just Yards From Attack


Warning: this video is extremely graphic and disturbing.

A shocking new video of today's attacks at the Boston Marathon has been posted to, showing the extent of damage at the scene of the attack in the immediate aftermath of a bomb detonation.

In the video, the explosion can clearly be seen before police, what appear to be soldiers or National Guardsmen, and heroic local citizens rushing to the scene of the explosion to assist the victims.

A second bomb can be heard detonating in the distance as the injured lay screaming on the ground.

"They're f*cked up over here!" a cop screams.

"We've had an attack. Oh my god," the unnamed narrator says.

What's most stunning about this video isn't the panic, death, or destruction - but rather the speed and professionalism with which emergency responders rushed to help the victims. Within seconds of the detonation, Bostonians rushed to help the wounded and dead.