Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath: America is Still Beautiful


Today's tragic end to the Boston Marathon shook America to the core. But it is how our country reacted that safeguarded the fabric of our nation.

First responders, whether fire fighters, police, or just a fellow civilian, immediately rushed to help the victims. America rallies to meet any challenge. If only just for a moment, ideological inclinations and political preferences were put aside. Nobody asks those who may be injured what party they are registered with, who they voted for, or if they support gay marriage. We breakthrough any barriers that may exist in everyday life and do so without hesitation. This is the beauty of America and a reflection of the humanity found in mankind.

A few cowardly people may terrorize and kill in an attempt to send thousands running in panic. But in America you will always see the thousands of people running to help, even before the dust settles. In a beautiful manner, amidst a sort of macabre irony, it is in the face of horrific and trying events that the soul of our great nation shines the most bright.

See, the important thing is, our very nature is not specific to a single event. We came together over a decade ago for 9/11, just as we are coming together today and in the days to come. To those who may have lost loved ones, please know, we are all family today. Boston, you are in our thoughts and we all have hope in our hearts. The journey ahead may indeed be perilous, but make no mistake, we have each other.  

I stand in solidarity with my fellow Americans, citizens and denizens alike. As a native Oklahoman, I know what it is like to live in the shadow of horrific violence. But again, the brightness of our nation outshines any darkness that may fall upon us. 

Our resolve has emerged victorious and because of that, we have already won. In the face of craven and despicable violence, America always stands strong. We may be attacked, but the spirit of America is, and always will be, enduring and immortal.