Boston Marathon Bombing: How You Can Help and Where to Find Loved Ones


If you are trying to locate friends or family that participated in today's marathon there are a variety of tools for you to use. 

Google Person Finder : There are two links, one for if you are looking for someone and one if you have information about an individual

If you have no where to stay there are several tools you can use to locate temporary shelter, this service is provided by the Boston Globe newspapter and You can offer your housing by filling out this form. If you need a place to stay, you have to fill out this form.

Officials are directing people to call this phone number if you need to locate a family member and do not have access to a computer:  617-635-4500 

The Boston Police have requested any information, especially if you have any videos of the Boston Marathon Finish line to call this tip line:  1-800-494-TIPS 

You can also use this Red Cross Website. The Red Cross in Boston set up disaster operations shortly after the bombs went off. Please also use the Red Cross website to see how you can offer assistance. 

The Salvation Army is accepting donations as they are offering food and help to first responders and survivors.