10 Most Racist Tweets About Boston Marathon Bombing


The horrific Boston Marathon bombing has devastated the nation. Events like these remind us that humanity can really be the worst. As the entire country is mourning and trying to piece the tragic events together, some people prefer use this opportunity to spur racist tweets on the Internet. I guess everybody's way of coping is different. 

After the New York Post infamously reported that a Saudi national was being held in custody (which is either really true or really false), Twitter exploded with Islamophobic hate.  

Although there's still some confusion surrounding the details of the bombing, that hasn't seemed to stop people about being confused about their Islamophobia. Here are the 10 most racist tweets we found about the shooting today.

1. Wondering if the Arabs are dancing right now is totally the first thing that went through my mind too.


2. I just had to Google Camel Jockey. Sorry. I'm Canadian. #Merikah!

3. Anyone else thinks this guy should apply for a job at The New York Post?  

4. I'm pretty sure zero people were celebrating with camel piss, but who knows!? 

5. Ouh! This one mixes Islamophobia, racism, and conspiracy. What an over-achiever!

6. Westboro chimes in. Obviously.

7. Thank god someone is relying on common sense!


8. I'm glad someone finally decided to be derogatory to women too. Now we're all equally offended!

9. Fox News contributors say the darndest things! He later said that it was totally sarcasm.  HAHA! No, I'm not angry. I'm just laughing on the inside.


10. Remember when George Bush kept us safe? Me neither. 

Special thanks to the lovely Twitterati and PolicyMic super stars who helped me spot these gems! Did you spot any horrible tweets? Let me know on Twitter: @feministabulous