Boston Terrorist Attack: Marathon Explosions Were Coordinated Strikes On Americans


As runners passed the finish line Monday at the Annual Boston Marathon, the view at Copley Square was much different. At around 2:45 pm, two blasts, twenty seconds apart, dismantled the once joyous scene. Almost immediately, chaos had set in and the United States is once again in a vulnerable mindset, feeling insecure and under attack. The blasts killed two and injured dozens of others, innocent in what seems to be another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. This scene is all too familiar to citizens of the United States, leading many to wonder when these attacks will end.

In response, the President has vowed retaliation against any responsible parties. Leading up to the event no credible threats were received by government officials, leading first responders and law enforcement officials to rummage through the devastation. First responders found a third explosive and through careful attention, disabled the bomb. States around the country have heightened their security in order to prevent any correlated attacks from taking place.

It seems as if citizens in the U.S. are once again on high alert. The senatorial race in Massachusetts has halted as well, out of respect to the overwhelming circumstances. It is clear that this was a deliberate, calculated, and coordinated attack on U.S. citizens. Many have proposed that a powerful op-ed piece about the horrible treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay might be to blame, however this seems quite unlikely. As authorities uncovered, a third explosive was planted, and the highly advanced equipment and timing seems too coincidental to seem impulsive. Previous attacks, such as the one attempted in Times Square, followed the same framework of planning: an attack in a densely populated, major U.S. city.

It is apparent that these attacks will continue, even after the death of the infamous Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden. Many had hoped that his death would increase homeland security; however the events of today have proven otherwise. It is up to this current administration, local and state governments, and citizens to come together during this time and persevere. Once again citizens across the nation are left fearful, devastated, and torn. The question is how will they react to this massacre, with tolerance or paranoia?