Boston Marathon Attack: Alex Jones' Thoughtless Speculation is Ridiculous


Make no mistake about it: We are at War now-with somebody-and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives. -Hunter S. Thompson, September 12th, 2001

This wasn't the article I had hoped to write this evening. Like many I had hoped this would be just another day of boring mediocrity that required nothing other than my usual 8 hours of work before going home, breaking open a six pack of beer and beginning the usual evening rush to meet my self-set deadline. That was before the bombs though, before some monster or monsters robbed three people, one of whom was an eight 8-year- old child, of their lives and injured a fluctuating number of people that seems to waver between the upper 130s and upper 140s depending on who you're asking.

It's a chilling incident we're faced with and echoes of September 11th are resounding everywhere; Little to no information coming from the authorities, mixed reports out of media outlets and the Internet, no suspect in custody and no group claiming responsibility. If there is any knowledge the authorities are keeping it to themselves. Everyone else is running around like headless chickens and blaming everyone and everything they can imagine: Arabs, Muslims, President Obama, the New World Order, Right Wing Extremists in the make and mold of Anders Brevik, right now it seems that everyone short of Charles Manson and the Ghost of Osama Bin Laden has a share of the blame. Speculation is rampant and every jackhole with an agenda is looking to blame their favorite boogeyman.

Whoever did it, this was planned very meticulously and well in advance of the marathon. Two confirmed ball bearing, low grade explosion IEDs strategically placed near the finish line, weapons that reads like something out of an IRA guerrilla warfare manual, weapons designed to shred anyone and anything nearby to them. They are not difficult things to make, a terrifying reality that does nothing to help us figure out just who did this, and as shown above there are far too many possibilities and too many baseless accusations to make any kind of decision. The only solid information we really have outside of what happened is that that asshole Alex Jones thinks this was a False Flag incident and that the Westboro Baptist Church has already sworn to protest the funerals.

This short article has one point: That we know nothing at all about this situation right now. At this point it's very tempting to make speculations and point fingers, and even as tempted as I am to play the game so many others are, now is not the time for speculating. Bloomberg writer Jeffery Goldberg has it right when he says “Tomorrow or the next day, when law enforcement officers and journalists have done their work, there will be time to analyze and criticize and learn from whatever it is we just saw. But not today. Please, let’s wait to find out who did this and why it happened.”

There is not enough knowledge for anyone to say anything about anything, and mindless fear filled speculation does nothing but cause the situation to deteriorate and make people act even more fearfully. We're eight hours into this horror, and the next few days will more than likely give us all enough evidence to speculate and run our mouths and push our agendas. Today has been Monday was a day of the greatest heroism and the darkest villainy humanity is capable of, and until we know just who is responsible for the villainy everyone needs to take a step back and wait before running their mouths.