5 Acts Of Kindness From Boston That Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity


After yesterday's tragic events, it's nice to take solace in the fact that the worst situations can bring out the best in people. Here are the five acts of kindness that will make you believe in humanity again.

1. This heroic first responder rushes a traumatized child to safety.

2. Carlos Arredondo, who is a peace activist, pushed a legless man in a wheelchair to safety. The injured man was  believed to be a Newtown commemorative runner, lost his limbs during the blast in Boston. You can watch his story here.

Via The Daily Beast

3. A run honoring of the victims of the bombing was organized in Montreal by Marc Cassivi within a few hours of the tragedy. It will take place on Sunday at 11am on the Mont-Royal. 

4. One of the most tweeted phrases on Twitter yesterday was Fred Roger's (otherwise known as Mister Rogers) quote about the importance of helping.

5. Altrusim was felt everywhere in Boston. There were strangers and businesses offering drinks, food and warmth to runners. A Google doc and the hashtag #BostonHelp were also set-up for people to open up their homes to others.

What are others acts of kindness you saw or heard about after the Boston bombing? Let me know on Twitter: @feministabulous