What Questions Would You Ask Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich at Tonight's Republican Debate?


In order to win tonight's GOP debate in Tampa, Florida, the Republican presidential candidates must balance two seemingly incompatible factors: pleasing the far-right as well as defeating President Barack Obama.

But for me, any candidate that only panders to the far-right of the Republican party will be unelectable in the general election. As such, if I were the moderator of tonight's debate, I would ask the candidates questions about what differentiates them from President Obama. Here are the top four questions I would ask all of the candidates at tonight's debate:

1) Do you support the Patriot Act? What provisions of the Act would you strengthen or remove?

2) Do you consider waterboarding to be a form of torture? Should it and other “enhanced  interrogation” techniques be used?

3) Like President Obama, would you sign off on a version of the NDAA that includes provisions suspending due process for suspected terrorists? Why or why not?

4) If you are elected president, what will you do about Guantanamo Bay prison and why?

These four questions represent areas in which President Obama has been a major disappointment for his supporters. If any of the GOP candidates crafts an answer that resonates with Obama supporters, he might in fact get elected.

What question would you ask at tonight's GOP debate?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons