Xbox 720 Release: 'Ryse' and 'Forza' Game Among New Xbox Titles


A Roman-themed action game from a famous developer, a “super life-like” racing game, a zombie game, and a family-themed animated game will be the highlights of the Xbox 720 day one launch titles, claims a new report.

According to “multiple sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans,” Microsoft is currently in the process of readying four major titles for “day one” release, including Ryse by award-winning German developer Crytek (Crysis series) and a continuation of their iconic Forza Motorsport series.

Originally known simply as “Codename Kingdoms,” Ryse was first shown at the Electronic Enterainment Expo back in 2010 but never released. The report suggests that this is the new “Gears of War/Halo mega launch title” that Microsoft is pushing and, considering Crytek’s past record, they are certainly the go-to developer for major projects.

Also worthy of note is that the game is allegedly being developed with motion controls in mind, which would be in line with earlier reports that Kinect functionality will have a much larger role in the next generation for Microsoft.

The other major game, the next installment of Forza, also seems to be credible because that series has also been a staple of Microsoft’s console, often serving the role of the premier racing series on the console.

With reports that major competitor Criterion Games (Burnout) is taking a break from the racing games industry, this may be the ideal, even crucial, time for the series to reaffirm their preeminence in the field.

The two other games, more ambiguously worded, don’t have as much information. A “zombie game” doesn’t tell us much but zombies are a staple of contemporary entertainment so this also seems likely, if not inevitable. Besides, zombies allow us to shoot humans without making parents’ groups mad so it makes sense.

The family game will reportedly have “Pixar-movie-style graphics” and use the Kinect to scan the players’ entire bodies into the game, complete with recreating their looks, animation style.

The launch title list is probably going to be a bit longer than just four games but, considering the “all-inclusive” strategy taken with the original Xbox 360’s launch, all of these are safe bets.

A big-budget game from a known developer, a racing game that shows off the console’s capabilities, a zombie game with lots of gore and a cutesy family game ultimately hint that Microsoft is trying to appeal to everybody. Whether these are good enough to appeal to anybody remains to be seen.