Boston Bombing Suspect: Why We Don't Know More About the Investigation


The investigation into who is behind the Boston Marathon bombings is now underway, but officials insist that it is still too early to know the motive behind the bombing. In the age of instant access the pace of the investigation may seem slow to some, but what information investigators release is carefully orchestrated and thought out. Here’s a look inside the investigation and what we already know.

Currently, no one is in custody but the investigators are questioning witnesses. Doctors are treating victims for severe shrapnel injures, apparently patients had metal bearings lodged in their skin. Officials requested that witnesses and people with information continue to call into the tip line. The FBI—who announced they were taking over the investigation yesterday—has only just begun to examine the evidence. 

Parts of Boylston Street are still a crime scene, as is a 15-block section around the blast site. Investigators will have to examine each explosion site for evidence. In Washington, President Obama is working with Homeland Security, members of Counterterrorism, and the FBI, as they try to piece together the events from Monday. Already more information has surfaced about the kind of bombs used. CNN is reporting that the devices — which may have been placed in pressure cookers — were then probably set off by timers.  

How confusing is the crime scene? According to the Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, it’s one of the most complicated crime scenes he’s ever faced. Authorities will have to view video’s of the finish line taken on cell phones. A search of an apartment in Revere, Massachusetts resulted in some items being removed, but no officials would comment as to what they found nor would they save if it had anything to do with a possible suspect. It's possible that investigators know more than they are telling us. During a press conference earlier Tuesday FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers wouldn't comment on a variety of topics surrounding the investigation. For now, we will just have to wait. 

Our lack of knowledge concerning who did this or why hasn’t prevented rampant speculation from occurring. It’s hard not to think about what kind of person or people would seek to harm innocent individuals. Even as President Obama warned us not to jump to conclusions, countless news agencies had already released theories on the individuals most likely to be responsible. One of the worst examples of inaccurate speculation occurred by the New York Post.  

The lack of information from officials has also caused wild conspiracy theories to take root. Most notably, Alex Jone’s “falseflag” statement, the "rooftop guy" speculation, and "crisis actors." 


Investigators are looking into several leads, but it should come as no surprise that officials do not wish to comment on those leads. Every investigation is different, therefore it is pointless to compare this investigation to that of other bombings like Oklahoma City or the Centennial Park bombing's. Speculation based on nothing but fear and questionable sources doesn’t help anyone. Will we have all the answers exactly when we want them? No. What is clear right now is that this was a planned attack and that it succeeded.