Boston Marathon Tragedy Reaction: 6 Heartfelt Tributes


Major American cities, the sports world and even supporters in outer space have come together to show support for the city of Boston. After the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing early this Monday, creative and touching tributes to those affected by the incident. 

1. “We Mourn With Boston” sign by Overpass Light Brigade in Downtown Milwaukee.

2. New York’s Brooklyn Academy of Music projected messages in support of Boston. From “NY <3 B” and “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” to simply, “Peace & Love.”

3. In the sports world, Keith Yandle of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes honored his native Massachusetts with “Pray for Boston” written on his skates during their game Monday night against the San Jose Sharks.

4. The cover of the Chicago Tribune’s sports page put rivalry aside and showed support with the single image featuring the logo’s of the Red Sox’s and other teams. Concluding with “We are Chicago - Revolution.”

5. The Bellagio played “Proud to be an American” last night during their water light show in La Vegas. As seen in this video:

6. Astronaut Chris Hadfield, of Canada, tweeted this image of Boston from the  International Space Station in ... Space. He wrote, “Tonight’s finale: A somber Spring night in Boston”: