American Airlines Flight Delays: All Flights Grounded Until 5 PM


American Airlines announced "computer problems" that are causing delays of most of its flights — reported Yahoo News

Kent Powell, American Airlines spokesperson, said Monday that the company — that just re-launched with a new logo — is "trying to resolve the issues as quickly as it can." However, fed up passengers — some of which are stranded at airports, unable to use AA's systems to reschedule or even obtain information — have taken to the social networks to vent their frustration (and AA is failing to stop yet another unraveling PR nightmare by using Twitter to send out apologies without offering any solution). 

According to FlightStats, as of midday, American had canceled seven flights and was experiencing delays on more than 50 others. But the Federal Aviation Administration says it's holding arriving flights to Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago's O'Hare Airport, and New York's LaGuardia Airport "due to airline automation."