7 Apps For Google Glass That Are Out of This World


Google Glass is coming, and with that comes some news that the initial Google Glass will be ad free. Also, Google has reported that it will not allow developers to charge for ads. That's great for us, but I'm guessing we'll loose out on a bunch of great apps. I've come up with 7 that the world would be better off having.

1. Awkward Annihilator  

You know when you are sitting in a group of people and the conversation is going really well, and everyone’s talking and then you open up your mouth and utter one word and no one says anything? When everyone just looks at you, paralyzed by the awkwardness of your comment? Well, this app would be able to target those moments and prevent them from happening targeted the brain signals that are telling you that your joke about an obscure news story from New Zealand isn’t going to land. This app also comes equipped with a special "glare tracker" feature which would let out a series of beeps when you've stared at someone for longer than three seconds.

2. Trip Preventer 

We’ve all encountered this moment, we’re walking along and everything is just fine until you hit a rough patch. The patch is caused by an uneven ground and to the untrained eye, it would appear that the ground is perfectly normal. That’s just what it wants you to think. Uneven ground like this exists solely to embarrass you in public and to stop whatever good thought you were having about yourself. This App would scan the sidewalk for inconsistencies and alert you to them, before it’s too late. 

3. Emergency Toilet Paper Dispenser 

Because no one should be forced to have an 'Elaine style' interaction with the person the stall next to them. If we can grow kidney's in a lab, we can make sure that no one is ever caught with out toilet paper. You'll never have to ask if someone can, "Spare a square." 

4. Small Talk Generator 

For use in elevators, cafes, and boring work parties. Never be lost for a pointless point of conversation again. This app would utilize the best in trending, yet highly accessible conversational topics, think of all the friends you'll almost make. 

5. Ego Booster 

It would be like an automated pep talk telling you what you need to hear before a big event or moment. “Yes, Andrea that E-mail response is hilarious, you should definitely send it.” *Results not guaranteed. 

6. “That One Thing”- Memory Recaller

For when you are on the phone, on the train, wherever and you just can’t seem to remember what the hell that one damn thing was called. Remember? It’s right on the tip of your tongue ... It had that one dude in it from that show who was on that thing with the other person? Oh, for the love of god what was it ... Yea, this app would make sure that would never happen again.

7. The Excuser 

When you just can’t think of a good reason to get out of whatever you don’t want to do, this app would generate the most plausible and believable excuse. The excuse would pop right up in your field of vision thanks to Google Glass.