The Most Offensive Beer Ad You'll See Today


Turns out that Roots Bistro, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Lower Westheimer, Houston, is also domestic violence-friendly. During the weekend, an employee had the fantastic idea to promote domestic violence AND sell beer at the same time. Ha-Ha-Horrible. 

People driving by the store could not believe their eyes when they saw the sign proclaiming that "Beer should be like violence. Domestic." according to the Houston Press.

After they put the sign up, the restaurant's Facebook page (naturally) exploded with negative comments. "Shame on you for that sign," wrote Elizabeth Hilts. "Shame, shame, shame."

Following the flood of rage, the owners changed the sign back to an apologetic and compassionate message. Sorry, did I say apologetic and compassionate? I meant defensive and accusatory! The restaurant changed the sign to:

"Seriously, focus your energy on equal rights"

Yeah SERIOUSLY. Fighting against the trivialization of domestic violence is totally not worth it. It's not like domestic violence is the leading cause of injury for women aged 15-44. Oh, it is? Well it's not like 24 women experience domestic violence every minute in the United States. Oh, they do? 

Now that the Roots Bistro has finally entered the 21st century and recognized that domestic violence is still a thing, the sign now reads: "Sorry a million times over, Houston."


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