Hillary Clinton 2016: 3 Dirty Scoops That Will Arise If She Runs For President


Many thought that Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations had permanently extinguished following her surrender to Barack Obama in 2008. After a grueling primary season, the divides of which she and Bill half-heartedly reconciled in the general election, Hillary embraced her role as Secretary of State and concluded her four years of service as the most popular central figure in the Obama administration. It now appears that, riding the wave of her second highest career approval rating (66%), she might resurrect her incomplete 2008 bid and seize the job that everyone knows she really wants.

Along with her resurrected candidacy, however, other, less appealing parts of her past promise to resurface. The topics that Republicans reserved for the ultimately elusive Hillary general election challenge in addition to newly minted controversies from her service in the Obama cabinet will spice up her quest should she choose once again to seek the presidency.

Below are three dirty scoops that will — or at least ought to — surface if Hillary runs for president in 2016.

1. Her real view of Barack Obama

Quite the critic of President Obama during the 2008 primary season, Clinton developed into quite the proponent when became her boss. It is unclear to what extent she supports the President's record, particularly with regard to domestic policy, and a 2016 election would shed much light on her perspective. Her praise — or lack thereof — will largely depend upon Obama's popularity at the time.

2. What actually happened in Benghazi 

3. What role she played — or failed to play — in preventing the Benghazi attacks

Amidst the ever hazy details of the infamous Benghazi attack, it is clear that there was fundamental incompetence or negligence involved, and likely from someone at the State Department. With investigations into Clinton's involvement hindered by her untimely and unfortunate concussion, the hype surrounding such curiosity has decreased measurably. If Clinton runs for president in 2016, the details the surface pertaining to Benghazi will likely work their way back to the State Department.