Keep Running, Boston

ByConor White-Sullivan

Two years ago, one of my closest friends convinced me to join a team of people running the Boston Marathon. Two years ago, my parents were standing feet away from where the bombs went off on Monday.

I hated running as a kid, but the tragedy today reminded me of all the reasons I love the marathon.

Because, the marathon isn't like other sporting events. 

It is an event where you don't to be born with exceptional ability. 

It is an event where the only real qualification that you need is grit and determination. 

It is an event where the cheers are just as loud (if not louder) for those in the middle and the end of the pack as those at the front.

It is an event where the overwhelming majority of participants run not for themselves, but someone they love, or a cause greater than themselves. 

It is an event where we gather not to watch talent, but the triumph of the human spirit.

This attack was an attack on all those things.

This attack was meant to make us distrust one another. To fear strangers, and to be concerned when gathering in public places.

It was an attack on our faith in each other, and the goodness of humanity.

At an event where regular people push themselves past exhaustion for causes they believe in, it was an attack on our ideals.

And yes, it did steal our breath for a moment. And it may even steal some strength from our legs. But we will not stop.

And we cannot let this incident make us fear our neighbors. 

We are in a race against hate, and Monday was one mile of many. We do not know when it will end, we can be sure in saying that we will not stop.

I love you Boston. Keep loving. Keep running.