10 Reasons to Love This Westboro Baptist Church Facebook Page


Whenever a national tragedy occurs the Westboro Baptist Church seems likely to follow with a series of press releases seemingly aimed at nothing more than drawing more attention to themselves and their “cause.” After the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Topeka, Kan., based group was quick to announce that they would be protesting the funerals of those who lost their lives. The WBC sent out a series of Tweets aimed at enraging us, and they did. They also enraged Anonymous, who responded with their own tweet. 

If there is one thing we know about Anonymous, they are not a group you want to upset. The group has taken down the WBC website before, but they've also taken their disdain for the WBC to Facebook. For four months Anonymous members have been using a fake account, pretending to be the official WBC Facebook page. The results are wonderful and hilarious. These are 10 reasons you should love the WBC Facebook Page. 

1. Church Leaders Include Marilyn Manson and Captain Crunch 


2. There's a lot of beautiful sentiments like this one. 


3. Because there are Star Trek references galore.

4. There are amazing inspirational posts. 

5. Because of Condi Rice shout-outs.

6. Because they make important pop cultural references. 


7. Because of posts like this. 

8. Because of this Shirley Phelps post.

9. Because of comments like this one. 


10. And finally, because Westboro hates it.