Man Of Steel Trailer 3: Watch New Superman Trailer Here


Whispering, close ups of grass, laundry drying in the wind, a nude baby. Was Man Of Steel directed by Terrence Malick? 

The latest trailer certainly looks epic, but it also looks a lot quieter and more artsy than a Superman movie tends to. In this third trailer there's a lot of Russel Crowe, a lot of Kevin Costner, and a whole lot of close ups of beautiful things. 

About halfway through the trailer we finally get a glimpse of Henry Cavill as our Superman doing incredibly epic things like walking across a tundra and zooming outside of the Earth's atmosphere. There is also a moment where he looks so much like Hugh Jackman this could almost be a trailer for Wolverine. 

The film will hit theaters on June 14 and is produced by Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight Rises glory) and directed by Zack Snyder (think, 300). As for Clark Kent's Lois Lane, Amy Adams will be taking that role. 

What do you think of the trailer? Will Man Of Steel do us proud?