LIVE: What Is President Barack Obama Saying in His State of the Union Address?

President Barack Obama delivers his third State of the Union Address. The speech to Congress, the diplomatic corps, Supreme Court justices, the military, dignitaries, and guests will cover a range of issues, from the still-lagging economy to foreign policy to the environment. The speech, though, will also be a sort of campaign stump as the election year kicks off.

In an e-mail the Obama campaign sent out before the speech, Obama was quoted as saying, “Tonight, we set the tone for the year ahead. I'm going to lay out in concrete terms the path we need to take as a country if we want an economy that works for everyone and rewards hard work and responsibility.

“Those are values that brought millions of people into this movement, and they remain the core values that unite us and shape our agenda for 2012 and beyond.”

With anywhere from 43 million to 52 million viewers, tonight's address is as much a 2012 campaign speech as it is an opportunity for Obama to size up the state of the country and lay out his plans for the year to come.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons