Chinese Graduate Student, Lu Lingzi is Identified as Third Victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing


The identity of the third victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing has been released. According to the Associate Press, the third victim to perish in the bombing is Chinese graduate student Lu Lingzi. 

Lingzi's father confirmed Lu's death when reporters from the local newspaper, the Shenyang Evening News, came to confirm the story. The editor refused to give out the name of the father due to restrictions on speaking to foreign media in China.

The news of Lingzi's death brought out a outpouring of sorrow and grief from those who new her. One her former neighbors in China, Zhang Xinbo, said on his Weibo social media account,

"I saw her grow up, and a few scenes from the past are flashing through my mind. Now, she's becoming a girl, a bit Westernized, but a loud bang has changed everything. I think of her loved ones, and I don't know how they are coping with this painful news, while still searching for any thread of hope."