6 Ways This Tumblr Exposes the Worst Boys Clubs in the World


You know that friend or family member who told you that gender equality was totally solved that time women got the vote? You may want to send them a link to this amazing new Tumblr so they can see just how much inequality persists in the world today. Here are my six favorite posts but the entire 100 Percent Men Tumblr page is definitely worth a look.

1. Check out the Secretaries General of the United Nations. The world has yet to have a female one.

2. I can't wait to hear what all these (mostly white) males have to say about immigration! Clearly they have the highest stakes in this issue.

3. Groupon's Senior Management team doesn't have a single female member on it. Good thing women only make up a majority (62%) of Groupon's customers and control more than 60% of dollars spent online.

4. Thank God the European Central Bank Governing Council is a little boys club. It's not like women know how to spend money or control 85% of purchasing power.

5.Could BP have handled its pouring of a gazillion tons of oil in to the Gulf of Mexico better if a woman was at the decision-making table? I guess we'll never know.

6. New York Comedy Festival has a male only line-up. Were all the funny women busy that day? 

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