Pat Robertson Says Beware Of the Guillotine-Wielding Gay Illuminati Activists


Are homosexuals the new Illuminati? Pat Robertson thinks so. In a statement on his longtime show The 700 Club, Robertson said that we are doomed to repeat the past if we do not learn from it. Though this is mostly an accurate statement, the past he refers to in this clip is ... the French Revolution. Homosexuals, destroyers of family and government that they are, will apparently call for the heads of aristocrats. 

Where might one look for an aristocrat these days? According to Robertson, "… the family … the state … capitalism … the church …" are all things that homosexual marriage seeks to destroy. The debate over same sex marriage, says Robertson, will in fact create the same bloodshed as the French Revolution. With homosexuals gaining more and more recognition for their leadership and roles in all these institutions, his prediction has not yet come to pass. However, he is quite optimistic for the future.

Not just content with wedded bliss and gift registries and color coordinated napkins and place settings, proponents of same-sex marriage want to destroy the family, says Robertson. In seeking to build families of their own, they want to destroy everyone else's. [Pause here for the author to scratch her head in scathing disbelief and confusion.] Going even further, homosexuals want to build a country without God, he states. A country without God. What would that look like, exactly?  Perhaps, our own country? Founded by deists and atheists, with the separation of church and state codified into our laws, we cannot even imagine a country without (Robertson's specifically white, Christian, and paternalistic) God, can we?

Nevermind that you cannot find an article about the Illuminati without the word "conspiracy" in it (see what I did there?). The Illuminati of the era of the French Revolution were the elite, the aristocrats. They were educated, wealthy, and powerful (and do I need to say male?). This is only the tip of the iceberg of where Robertson's argument falls apart.

However, no need to get into any of that now. Never engage in a battle of logic with someone so convinced of his own righteousness. As ever, on the internet, do not feed the trolls.