Condom Snorting YouTube: Watch Teen Snort Condom Up His Nose


What is the mysterious condom challenge all over YouTube? It’s beyond the parameters of good taste, that’s for sure, but its origin and purpose are far more elusive. 

The Condom Challenge, embedded below, is a YouTube sensation in which teenagers snort condoms into their noses, making them come out of their mouths. Adding insult to injury is the choice of music in the background: Taylor Swift’s celebration of youth, “22,” plays in the background of a particularly popular video, giving credence to idea of these videos as an ode to the desperation of the modern generation of young people. 

In spite of the physical dangers of condom snorting, the phenomenon spans gender, national boundaries, race, and class: it is the great equalizer in terms of incomprehensible social media postings. 

There is no real explanation for condom snorting, barring an existential cry for help from a generation plagued by economic woes and restrictive cultural norms. Maybe it’s a postmodern protest of the passage of myriad restrictions on sex education across the country? Or, like the Cinnamon Challenge and “planking” before it, these teens are seeking attention, living in a world where everything is posted on social media for the consumption of others. Either way, watch at your own risk while trying to maintain faith in humanity.