7 Absurd Demands Made By North Korea...in GIFs


North Korea said that it is ready and willing to negotiate with the United States and South Korea as long as a few demands are met. A statement issued through the national news agency KCNA said, “Dialogue and war cannot co-exist…If the United States and the puppet South have the slightest desire to avoid the sledge hammer blow of our army and the people…they must make the resolute decision.” If you don’t understand exactly that means, don’t feel bad. The South Korean government didn’t appear to be too thrilled by the demands either. 

So just what are the demands? Well, here they are: 

1. North Korea demands that US and South Korea fully apologizes for their transgressions.

2. North Korea demands that the US and South Korea stop trying to intimidate North Korea.

3. North Korea demands that the US and South Korea leave them alone.

4. North Korea demands the withdrawal of all nuclear weapons in the region.

5. North Korea demands that the US and South Korea stop trying to provoke it. 

6. North Korea demands that the US lifts all sanctions, immediately, without hesitation. 

7. North Korea demands that it does everything North Korea says or else they won’t even play this silly game anymore. 

These preconditions are likely to be rejected by South Korea and the United States, despite this John Kerry has repeatedly signaled his interest to resolve the situation with North Korea with diplomatic talks. If these are the preconditions North Korea is seriously putting on any discussion, then don’t expect the tensions in the Korean peninsula to be resolved any time soon.