Boston Bombing Suspects Ethnicity


The FBI has released surveillance photos and a video of two suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings, where three people lost their lives and over 160 resulted injured.

The two suspects appear young, and they're wearing casual clothes and sports hats as the images and video show them walking among the marathon's crowd. 

Due to conflicting and unconfirmed reporting, and opinion, that has speculated on the perpetrators' race, one of the first things that social media users have started to wonder is what's the suspect's ethnicity. 

It's a politically charged question as the suspects' race, and identity, will probably define the remaining of the investigation along the lines of the suspects' origin and background — with the punditocracy seeking to describe the attack as carried out by either domestic or foreign individuals.  

However, until the suspects aren't fully identified by the FBI people must refrain from speculating based on these persons' ethnicity.