Boston Bombing Suspect Photo: Did Reddit Just Spot One Of the Suspects Fleeing the Scene?


Editor's note: Whether or not the man pictured in the photo is one of the two potential suspects being sought by the FBI is currently unclear.

Photos have emerged on Reddit of a man leaving the scene of the Boston bombing. Initially, this appears to be breaking photographic evidence of one of the two suspects identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a press conference earlier on Thursday.

There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that the man is, in fact, the Boston bomber, or that the two men identified by the FBI are in fact those who set off the explosive devices at the race. However, the similarities are uncanny.

The potential suspect appears to be leaving via a side street as terrified Bostonians and marathon viewers flee or rush to help the victims, identified by Reddit users as Fairfield street, very close to the scene of one of the detonations.

See a comparison GIF below:

Additionally, compare the following:

FBI officials stated in a press conference today that the suspect proceded west down Boylston Street following the bombing. The intersection of Fairfield and Boylston is west of the bombing site:

The full resolution photo can be found here.