Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects: One Suspect Reportedly Detained


UPDATE: The individual shown below is not connected to tonight's violence. Instead, he is apparently a bystander who did not step back when officers instructed him to. 

CNN showed footage of an individual from this evening's massive police operation in Watertown, Boston. This person can be seen being taken away in handcuffs by police, he was apparently stripped of his clothing. He has since been cleared and let go, again, he is not associated with this evenings developments with police.

The situation is still unfolding and information continues to pour in for a variety of other sources. The Atlantic is reporting that at least one of the suspects involved in the Monday's bombing has been detained. 

CNN has just retracted a previous report that a second suspect had been detained, it appears as if the individual who previously identified the second suspect was actually identifying the suspect in the above video. Meaning, only one suspect is accounted for at this time. The above individual, is NOT one of the suspects from the Boston Marathon bombings.

Pete Williams of NBC, Tweeted the following:


This may give further credence to the belief that tonight's shootout with police following a botched carjacking is related to Monday's Boston Marathon bombing.