Boston Bombing Suspects Manhunt: A Quick Time Line of the Past 8 Hours


Breaking – In the middle of the night on Thursday/Friday AM, there was a shooting on campus of MIT in Cambridge, which it now turns out, was directly related to the Boston Marathon bombing. Here's a quick timeline of the crazy night.

1) FBI releases more images late Thursday night/early Friday morning showing the two bombings suspects clear as day.

2) The manhunt for the marathon bombing suspects turned to hot pursuit at 10:30 p.m., when the two men robbed a 7-11 convenience store on the MIT campus in Cambridge.

3) A few minutes later, police found an MIT campus police officer shot multiple times in his car. The police officer died of his injuries at Massachusetts General Hospital. The MIT officer was responding to a disturbance when he was fired upon.

4) The suspects then car-jacked a Mercedes SUV. Police found the car and the suspects in Watertown and pursued them into a residential neighborhood where gunfire was exchanged.

Witnesses report hearing between 15 and 50 shots.

5) Suspects also threw multiple explosives from the car. Residents, witnesses and media in the area heard at least two large booms. They had also reportedly taken a hostage in the car but let him go.

6) Turns out “Suspect #1,” or “Black Hat,” suffered a gun shot wound during the fire fight. He also suffered “blast wounds” according to medical staff witnesses. He was taken to a local hospital and later pronounced dead by spokesman Captain Paul MacMillan.

7) “Suspect #2”, or “White Hat,” fled the scene. As of this writing, “White Hat” is still at large and believed to be armed and dangerous. Officers from various police departments and the FBI are searching house to house in the neighborhood of Watertown, Massachusetts, to try to track him down. He’s believed to have locked himself in a building somewhere.