As Jan Brewer and Barack Obama Argue in Arizona, How Should U.S. Immigration Policy Be Focused?


President Barack Obama and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had a heated exchange near the steps of Air Force One, as Obama exited the plane for a Wednesday visit in Arizona. 

The two could be seen in animated conversation with one another and it was later reported that the two argued about Brewer's recent memoir Scorpions For Breakfast. 

In the memoir, Brewer described Obama as "patronizing" and condescending during White House meeting which centered on Arizona's immigration law. 

On the runway, Brewer also apparently handed Obama a hand-written letter inviting Obama to visit Arizona's boarder with Mexico, pressing on the hot-button issue of immigration and boarder security.   

As the Arizona immigration law again heats up, how should Obama confront immigration policy moving forward? 

In wider politics, how will immigration impact the GOP presidential race?

Photo CreditGage Skidmore